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2021 Is Your Year.

A 7 day LIVE challenge keeping you laser focused with a 7 day step by step plan. You will launch your own website in 7 days. We provide all the training and tools you need. Through LIVE daily trainings, Q&A's, evening live catch ups and easy to follow daily tasks. If you think you lack the ability to create your own website, think again! Perfect for non techy folk right the way through to established businesses. You CAN do this. And we WILL get you over that finish line.

You just need to show up each day. Finally STOP spinning in circles, overthinking or being a dilly dally. You may even be on the verge of giving up? If this sounds like you, we get it! (Ask me how long it took to launch this training....) But finally you will have the frame work needed, our know how and a community of like minded people to keep you in check.

Having helped many small businesses with creating websites, SEO training, business strategy, and 1-1 coaching, not to mention our own successful 6 figure online business, you are in safe hands.

Laser focused for 7 days. And then you are done! Live! A functioning website ready to make sales and serve your customers.

Don't get left behind! Kick off your business offering the right way in 2021.

"It’s gonna be intense! But one thing I know about having a creative brain is most of us like to binge...yup me too! We lose focus and before you know it, move on to something else... AKA shiny object syndrome ;)

"Join me, show up for the trainings and I will keep you focused providing you the essential tools to get you to website launch in 7 days. I will be there will you each step of the way... ALL THE WAY."

Shereena. x

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